Steam locomotives are the main drawcard for visitors to our track. Many man hours are put into constructing a steam locomotive and it may be project built from the plan, built from kit form components or it may be purchased as "ready to run".

If you have an interest in building a steam locomotive, there are many club members who can offer a wealth of knowledge to guide and assist you. Not all modellers are engineers so don't think you have to have special skills to pursue such an endeavour. Many suppliers can provide components in different forms. Some of the larger locomotives can pull many carriages and the head count can be surprising. The power they exert is remarkable. These locomotives operate on our ground level track and consume coal and water, just as the full size ones do.

If you've had that interest in steam but thought of something smaller, locomotives that run on our elevated track may be worth looking at. While the smallest gauge of 2½" allows for very small locos, the 5" gauge track offers popular interest. These locos can be relatively light yet still pull several adults on a riding car.